Great Products

I just used the scuff and scratch remover in probably the most difficult place ever. I have a 43 foot class A diesel RV with three swirling colors, charcoal grey, dark red and gold. A few months ago I swiped several hard tree branches 10 to 11 and 1/2 feet above the ground crossing the three different colors approximately 20 feet long. I purchased the package of Vengeance Products at Daytona Bike Week where I had previously purchased Wizard products, which I liked. The Vengeance Products are far superior. I used the scuff and scratch remover with my 18 volt cordless Makita drill and Vengeance’s buffing pad, standing on a 8-foot ladder, not an easy position. My first mistake was putting too much of the very watery white liquid on the dry pad and throwing splatter everywhere. I learned to blot and drag the pad along the scratches before activating the drill….much less mess. What amazed me is how fast it removed the deep scuffs across the different colors without leaving any swirl marks. Most scuff and scratch removers are pasty or a very thick liquid. Vengeance is very watery and works much better.

I am almost seventy years old and my father made me start working at his garage (now called an automobile dealership) at 10 years old in the late fifties. The guy in the wash rack taught me basic washing and detailing. Through the decades, as a hobby, I learned the different intricacies of lacquer, enamel and clear coat and the corresponding commercial detailing products used with them. These are the best detailing products I have ever used.

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