About Vengeance Products

We’re a bunch of passionate guys and gals from Minnesota who are “driven” (no pun intended) by our products being the best in bringing out the look and style our customers expect from their vehicles. Check us out and try for yourself!

  • Wolf Industries Inc, 572 Jansen Ave SE Buffalo, MN 55313
  • 763-710-1624 or 763-312-4713

The Vengeance Products lineup is the proven result of over 40 years of experience in the chemical industry. We have seen many changes, innovations and technological advances in that span of years and yet we can say, without hesitation, that working with our four amazing chemists we have created a uniquely different and powerful product line. Simply put, we make great products for great people.

The support of phenomenal industry veterans, professionals, and customers has helped us complete countless hours of testing and product analysis to help us bring to you the most cutting edge cleaning and detailing products being offered today.

Our product line has been inspired by your honest feedback and it reflects our ceaseless dedication to 100% customer satisfaction.

We would also like to sincerely thank our amazing friends and associates. Their outpouring of belief, support and encouragement has helped Amy, our founder, make the transition from being Co-owner and President of Wizards® Products for over 24 years to spearheading the Vengeance Extreme Detailing Products line today.

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  1. Janis Thode says:

    Can you tell me if this product has silicone in it? We have a body shop that’s need to know so they can avoid fish eyes in new paint jobs. Thanks

    • Amy Antonsen says:

      Hi Janis, I understand your concern; is there a specific product you are inquiring about? In brief, the only product we have with a small amount of water based silicone is our Dash & Tire Shine, all other products are body shop recommended and safe for use, we have a very strong following in the auto body world. Please let me know if you have any other questions, also, feel free to call for an immediate response, we are happy to answer your questions: 763-710-1624 Kindest regards, Amy Antonsen

    • Amy Antonsen says:

      Hi Ron, Please forgive our tardy response, I didn’t see your question earlier. If you can please tell me where you live I will let you know if we have a retail location that will be convenient for you. Thank you for your inquiry, we appreciate it! Kindest regards, Amy Antonsen 763-710-1624

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